Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Response on my research article

             The topic I search on was child abuse and so there was many article on the The title of this article is called "child-abuse claims vs. parents' rights"; and i thought that this article wasn't fair. Children shouldn't get abuse by their parents because that's just not right , and we can't hit them back . But the government's interest is moving quickly to the safeguard children from abuse or neglet and the right of parents to raise and maintain a family without undue government interference. Even though parents are older and have more power over kids , they should think before they act. Sometimes, children can get abused when they do something wrong , or if you have someone in your family that hates you ,could be your step-mom or step-dad . Or if your parents are drunk they they hitting you from no reason. Abusing really harshly ,can ruin the image the child gives you. State procedures to investigate allegations of child abuse have been a topic of nation concern after more then 400 hundred children from polygamist groups ranch in Texas were taken from their parents and held for nearly two months in foster care .
      Now parents can be aware of that ,if you really want your child and love your child; then you shouldn't hit them , because in the end you will just end up losing someone you are about , and be sent away as a foster child; a child as you can call it , with no parents. It's a scary thing for the child because s/he will have to live with someone they don't know, because they can't b safe at home.
     Parents also have right's for teaching their child what is right to do and what is wrong to do , but maybe hitting them and scolding at them won't make it an better ; it will just make them more scared of you as a parent.
       Th safety pan program began in 1995. Safety plans offered to an estimated 100000 Illinois families per year.There is no record that any parent has ever refuse to participate in a safety plan and risk having the state take custody of his or her children. Child abuse is a serious issue and will separate the child an the parent for safety of the child.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Media/News Immersion

Saturday 23 , 2010 : (from the newspaper new york times)

Man Is Shot Dead in Manhattan Diner

an Is Shot Dead in Manhattan Diner
A 28-year-old man was fatally shot at a diner in Manhattan early Saturday morning, the police said.
The social issue for this article is that the death is increasing for this year.
lots of people are dieing and i think that people should be aware of that because this is a
dangerous action increasing.
An employee at the diner, at 109 West 14th Street, said a fight had occurred between customers. - Small things like fighting over something can lead to death because you may never know what the other person might think about you , and what will s/he do to you. Many of these clubs/bars/lounges are causing horrendous quality of life problems. That's why some people shouldn't go out at night.

Monday 25, 2010- (newspaper daily news)

A deranged creep attacked a women and her friends that was with her , in central park sources said " Ronald fox 47 allegedly pounced on the victim, who was with three pals, in the rambles near East 74 street at 11:05 am. He punched her, then threw sticks at her friends. This is another example of a social issue which is abuse. Lots of adults say that it better to hang out with friends when you are on the streets because you can help each other out when someone is in trouble. But still at the same time you still need to be aware of your surroundings because you may never know when some kind of drunk guy comes around.

Tuesday 26, 2010

From the newspaper i read this article called "murder making a deadly come back".
It was about how the city's murder rate has shot up nearly 15 percent this year, the NYPD recorded 437 murders as of Sunday , compared with 382 in the same period as last year. " It's not bad like it was years ago" said Frankie Bourn age 48 . " But with people losing jobs , It is only going to get worse " . The social issue in this passage is
losing jobs and murder. Losing jobs is a major issue because it leads to depression and many other problems.

Wednesday 27, 2010 ( newspaper daily news)
Bike lane Pains Gains-

The issue the department of transportation plans for new bike lanes around new york city. Those changes were implemented without any input from citizens , wasting money while new york city goes bankrupt. Worst of all, bike lanes paralyze commercial traffic, making life even more difficult. I think the social issue for this article is pollution , we need more bike lanes so that we won't have to drive our cars that put gas in the air and destroys the atmosphere. That's why the department of transportation is trying to build new bikes lanes which is doing a favor for new york citizens.

Write a poem or song responding to a specific social problem/issue!

Bullying- by: susan zheng ( I'm really not a good poet!)

Behold of them
Uncertain when they come
Longing for freedom
Lots of scary faces
I want to become invisible
No, someone come save me

Read and respond to songs and/ or poems on social promblems!

One Friendly Smile

He sits on the swing, head dipped,
ashamed of something he can’t control
He holds his broken glasses in his dirt-stained hands,
thinking that being half-blind has to be better than this.

Shoving them in his pocket, he shuffles toward the door,
content to wait till the class is inside before he follows.
He shoots a fiery glare across the room at the boy
with the fists, the boy who makes his life a living hell.

And without a sound, he mouths, “someday,
you're gonna get it, you'll see.”  But for now,
he lays his head on his crossed arms and rests
as he dreams of retribution, and buries a sob.

Years later, in a television interview, students agree,
“He was a loner, but we never thought he could do that."
His mother, in her disbelief, imagined she could see her baby,
cradling his twisted glasses, crying “why don’t they like me.”

And now it was her turn to be ashamed of something
she could not control.  She only hoped that someone, somewhere,
remembered that day in the playground, and could finally see
how their actions tumbled into the future, how one friendly smile,

one invitation to play, one neglected impulse to strike or belittle,
could have changed history, saved lives, saved her baby.

( This poem was from )

I think this poem is talking mainly about bullying and how scary it is to the child begin bullied like when it states "He shoots a fiery glare across the room at the boy with the fists, the boy who makes his life a living hell." i think using the word living hell really makes the sentence really strong and stands out ,i think  it means that bullying is really painful that you can go to hell , with all the burning fire and devils. I think this poem is really well written because i feel like , i can feel what the person feels when he is begin bullied , because of the feelings and emotions written.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mother To Son by: Langston Hughes

                  I liked how the author of this poem sarts out the poem as " well, son, I'll tell you". It already gives the person reading this poem a clue that this poem is about a mother trying to tell her son a message. Something important. like for example it saids " life for me ain't been no crystal stair". Which i think means that life for the mother have'nt been very good. which also leads to this phrase in the poem " It's had tacks in it , And splinters , And boards torn up , And places with no carpet on the floor". i thought that whole part was very sad and cold, with all those words.
                 The mother in this poem also uses old language like for example she says "i'se and kinder" . She also repeats many lines like the one life for me ain't been no crystal stair. I think the mother cares about her son alot and doesn't want her son to follow her steps .
Mother to Son by Langston Hughes
Well, son, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
It's had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I'se been a-climbin' on,
And reachin' landin's,
And turnin' corners,
And sometimes goin' in the dark
Where there ain't been no light.
So, boy, don't you turn back.
Don't you set down on the steps.
'Cause you finds it's kinder hard.
Don't you fall now”
For I'se still goin', honey,
I'se still climbin',
And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
I think this poem represents all the mom's in this world and the message they want to tell their children , which i think is that "keep trying, move forward, look ahead. Don't stop. Don't look back. The struggle to survive will never end."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Final Appreciation for stuart little!

                    I think the most intersting books, are books that teaches you a lesson. Some of my childhood books that i think have a good example of that, is Stuart little and Charlotte's Web. Both of these books are published by the same author. And also after a few years they made a action movie of these books. The feeling of when i was little ,was " wow i can get to see them moving".
                    When i was younger i never realized that almost every book have a lesson or theme they want the reader to know. But as im older now , and i re-read my childhood books i can actually have deeper thoughts of the book im reading and how the author describes it using words.
                     One childhood book i really want to focus on is Stuart little because i like how the author makes him unique.  He was the second son from the Little's family , and he looked very much like a mouse. he had a mouse like tail , a mouse like nose and a mouse like whiskers. And the most impressing of all is that he is only 2inches high!
                     I think the author makes him how he is because the author wants us to teach us something . Stuart is also a very brave and smart mouse. Even though he has many problems like getting to the sink and turning on the water to brush his teeth , he dosent make it get into his way. He likes to help his family when they need him. It's like "what can a little mouse like him do?".
                      The author makes positive things out of negative things . Like for example begin small is bad , but then since you are so small you can go to places where big people can't go because they are too big to fit through. so i think that is kind of amazing.
                     I appreciate the hard work that the author goes through , because i know that publishing a book takes many years and hard work to make a perfect book.The author has to change or make things so that it relates to a topic or theme he is focusing on. For stuart i think it is that begin small should'nt affect what you want to do as long as you really want to do it.
                     In conclusion even though Stuart little was a pretty good book , i just hoped that the ending would be better.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Draft 1 -

    I think the most intersting and memorable book in my childhood are the books that teaches an lesson. The books i've read are similar to each other and they are also made by the same author, which are Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. Surely a few years after the books are published they make a movie out of it , which is awesome i can get to see my favorite characters move, and also with color. i also think it's cool because no everybook or it;s movie is the same ,there are parts where they are different.
     I liked Stuart little because it's weirdness, like how are you suppose to have a mouse-like kid in a human family , which is very weird. But i like Stuart because of his braveness and his smart brain. Because just because you are very small dosen't mean you can't do anything , if you have a brain you can do anything you if you try, because that's what the brain is for no matter how big or small your brain is.
      Some favorite parts where i think stuart is very brave is, when at night  he is worried about his friend the new bird name "margalo". He is scared the cat snowbell will do something to harm his new friend. And it really happens, when snowbell was about to spring at it stuart came to the recuse. Even though mouse are scared of cats because mouse are small and cats are big , but that dosen't affect what stuart thinks he just want to save his friend.
      Even though begin small most people don't like , i like how the author brings some positive things about begin small, like if you are small like stuart you can go under the drain which is pretty cool, where if you are big for the rest of your life you can never go down there , because you can't just grow small. i appreciate how the author brings positive things out of bad things, becuase then it makes the reader think "hmm... maybe begin so small is'nt that bad".
       It's like the same for the book Charlotte's web, and charlotte is also small because she is a spider  . Just like in stuart little he is also small because he is a mouse like human that is 2inches tall. i think the main theme in both of these book is that small doesn't effect the way you think etc.. and friendship is also very important.
         i appreciate how the author uses similar theme and convert them into two differnt books with very different characters.
       I think people who have read these books before should read them again because as a childhood rereading book because you will discover new things.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Research on E.B. White

E.B. White
Born: July 11 , 1899 at Mount Vernon, New york
Died : October 1, 1985 at North Brooklyn, Maine 

He worked for the new yorker magazine before . He also wrote two children's classics which were Stuart little and Charlotte's web . He had two brothers and three sisters. When he grew to be a older he went to attend Cornell University , he graduated at the year of 1921.
 White was offered a teaching position at the university of Minnesota , but he turned it down because his goal was something else , his goal was to become a writer.
He also worked at many places like he worked for the united press, american legion , seattle times and much more.

In 1929, white married new yorker editor Katharine sergeant angell , they met at their jobs. After they got marrried they had one son. In 1945 White entered a new fiels with great success, the writing piece of " Stuart Little" for children. After the wild flag in 1946 , at 1949 , White returned to children's lterature with his most popular book in genre , which was Charlotte's web , it was published in 1952.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Questions on "Stuart Little"

On the last page on the book i had so many questions to ask the author because he didn't tell us what happened to stuart, he just wrote "But the sky was bright, and he somewhat felt he was headed in the right direction." After i read that sentence i was like that's it?? i wanted to know so much more!
        Some questions i had were "i wonder if stuart's family is worried about him"because after stuart left home to find Margalo the author never wrote about his how is family instead he just focused on stuart . Like in the begining of the book he of the book he writes  about Stuart's family alot but then out of nowhere,we don't know about them anymore towards the end of the book.
        Another question was that is Stuart going to find Magalo for the rest of his life? i had that question stuck in my mind because all the author gave us was that Stuart somewhat felt he was in was going in the right direction. I didn't think that was very helpful to my question.
          Another question kind of relating to the first question is that will he ever go back to New York City to visit his family ever again or will he continue to travel north to find his friend? , and what happens if he never finds Margalo and what's going to happen to him when he runs out of supplies and money ?
          Even though i know that the Author is putting us at the egde of our seat i would still like to know what actually happend to Stuart or else i will keep thinking that this book is incomplete.
     Stuart could at least write a letter saying that he is doing fine ,so that his family doesn't have to worry alot .

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theme: Friendship

          I think an important main-idea or theme that can be discussed in "Charlotte's Web" is "Friendship", because i think this whole book is kind of focused on how Wilbur and Charlotte become friends and start helping each other when they are in trouble.
          It starts in the begining of the book when Wilbur wants a friend, because he feels very lonely and wants someone to play with or even talk to . For example when Wilbur states "I'm very young, i have no real friend here in the barn". Then at night he hears a small voice that he had never heard before, it said "Do you want a friend Wilbur?" and continues to say "I'll be a friend to you. I've watched you all day long and i like you". I think when Wilbur hear's those words he must be so happy because he can finally have a friend or someone he can enjoy with .
          When they met for the first time Wilbur did'nt seem to like her because she was so blood-thirsty. He was in horror when he saw Charlotte suck the blood from the fly when she captured it in her web. But  that's the way spiders have to live , they have a life too, and they need to do whatever they need to do to survive.
          But then things get complicated further in the book when Wilbur is in trouble . The old sheep says that Wilbur will get killed when it's winter . Charlotte wants to help Wilbur out because Wilbur is worrying too much . Then that's when Wilbur starts to notice how important Charlotte is to him. I think that's what friendship is about too, when your friend is in trouble then you should help them ,because you are their real friends and they need you to be there for them .
           Friendship is an important theme in this book because Charlotte is always there when Wilbur needs her . If Wilbur has trouble she will use everything she can do to help him out , even it's all about fooling the humans to not kill Wilbur. She's very brave and smart that's what make her a very speacial friend to Wilbur .She's also like a teacher to Wilbur, because Wilbur dose'nt know lots of stuff and always would ask Charlotte questions when he dose'nt understamd something.
           In the middle of the book , i thought that Wilbur was begin a bit selfish because, he's letting Charlotte do all the work , so that he would'nt get killed but.....
 At the last day of the country fair Charlotte died and i thought that this book is going to end soon just like that but, Wilbur did something that i would'nt think that he would, and that almost made me cry. Wilbur took care of the egg sac that Charlotte left behind, like he was also a parent of the egg sac. At the end some spiders left and 3 stayed behind with Wilbur, which means Wilbur gets more friends!
           The most depressing part of this book is at the end of the book , at the last page of this book, because it stated these following words "Wilbur never forgot about Charlotte. She was in a class by herself. It's not very often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.Charlotte was both.". That's what you call a strong friendship, because you can never forget about it. I think Wilbur and Charlotte can still be friends by heart even though Charlotte is very far because i believe in "Best Friends Forever!".