Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theme: Friendship

          I think an important main-idea or theme that can be discussed in "Charlotte's Web" is "Friendship", because i think this whole book is kind of focused on how Wilbur and Charlotte become friends and start helping each other when they are in trouble.
          It starts in the begining of the book when Wilbur wants a friend, because he feels very lonely and wants someone to play with or even talk to . For example when Wilbur states "I'm very young, i have no real friend here in the barn". Then at night he hears a small voice that he had never heard before, it said "Do you want a friend Wilbur?" and continues to say "I'll be a friend to you. I've watched you all day long and i like you". I think when Wilbur hear's those words he must be so happy because he can finally have a friend or someone he can enjoy with .
          When they met for the first time Wilbur did'nt seem to like her because she was so blood-thirsty. He was in horror when he saw Charlotte suck the blood from the fly when she captured it in her web. But  that's the way spiders have to live , they have a life too, and they need to do whatever they need to do to survive.
          But then things get complicated further in the book when Wilbur is in trouble . The old sheep says that Wilbur will get killed when it's winter . Charlotte wants to help Wilbur out because Wilbur is worrying too much . Then that's when Wilbur starts to notice how important Charlotte is to him. I think that's what friendship is about too, when your friend is in trouble then you should help them ,because you are their real friends and they need you to be there for them .
           Friendship is an important theme in this book because Charlotte is always there when Wilbur needs her . If Wilbur has trouble she will use everything she can do to help him out , even it's all about fooling the humans to not kill Wilbur. She's very brave and smart that's what make her a very speacial friend to Wilbur .She's also like a teacher to Wilbur, because Wilbur dose'nt know lots of stuff and always would ask Charlotte questions when he dose'nt understamd something.
           In the middle of the book , i thought that Wilbur was begin a bit selfish because, he's letting Charlotte do all the work , so that he would'nt get killed but.....
 At the last day of the country fair Charlotte died and i thought that this book is going to end soon just like that but, Wilbur did something that i would'nt think that he would, and that almost made me cry. Wilbur took care of the egg sac that Charlotte left behind, like he was also a parent of the egg sac. At the end some spiders left and 3 stayed behind with Wilbur, which means Wilbur gets more friends!
           The most depressing part of this book is at the end of the book , at the last page of this book, because it stated these following words "Wilbur never forgot about Charlotte. She was in a class by herself. It's not very often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.Charlotte was both.". That's what you call a strong friendship, because you can never forget about it. I think Wilbur and Charlotte can still be friends by heart even though Charlotte is very far because i believe in "Best Friends Forever!".