Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Research on E.B. White

E.B. White
Born: July 11 , 1899 at Mount Vernon, New york
Died : October 1, 1985 at North Brooklyn, Maine 

He worked for the new yorker magazine before . He also wrote two children's classics which were Stuart little and Charlotte's web . He had two brothers and three sisters. When he grew to be a older he went to attend Cornell University , he graduated at the year of 1921.
 White was offered a teaching position at the university of Minnesota , but he turned it down because his goal was something else , his goal was to become a writer.
He also worked at many places like he worked for the united press, american legion , seattle times and much more.

In 1929, white married new yorker editor Katharine sergeant angell , they met at their jobs. After they got marrried they had one son. In 1945 White entered a new fiels with great success, the writing piece of " Stuart Little" for children. After the wild flag in 1946 , at 1949 , White returned to children's lterature with his most popular book in genre , which was Charlotte's web , it was published in 1952.