Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Response on my research article

             The topic I search on was child abuse and so there was many article on the The title of this article is called "child-abuse claims vs. parents' rights"; and i thought that this article wasn't fair. Children shouldn't get abuse by their parents because that's just not right , and we can't hit them back . But the government's interest is moving quickly to the safeguard children from abuse or neglet and the right of parents to raise and maintain a family without undue government interference. Even though parents are older and have more power over kids , they should think before they act. Sometimes, children can get abused when they do something wrong , or if you have someone in your family that hates you ,could be your step-mom or step-dad . Or if your parents are drunk they they hitting you from no reason. Abusing really harshly ,can ruin the image the child gives you. State procedures to investigate allegations of child abuse have been a topic of nation concern after more then 400 hundred children from polygamist groups ranch in Texas were taken from their parents and held for nearly two months in foster care .
      Now parents can be aware of that ,if you really want your child and love your child; then you shouldn't hit them , because in the end you will just end up losing someone you are about , and be sent away as a foster child; a child as you can call it , with no parents. It's a scary thing for the child because s/he will have to live with someone they don't know, because they can't b safe at home.
     Parents also have right's for teaching their child what is right to do and what is wrong to do , but maybe hitting them and scolding at them won't make it an better ; it will just make them more scared of you as a parent.
       Th safety pan program began in 1995. Safety plans offered to an estimated 100000 Illinois families per year.There is no record that any parent has ever refuse to participate in a safety plan and risk having the state take custody of his or her children. Child abuse is a serious issue and will separate the child an the parent for safety of the child.