Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choose 3 Blogs That are awesome:

#1-Melody Wallace

               I think that her blog is very thoughtful because in her writing she would write what she thinks about a certain thing, like for example her reading response to "photograph of the girl" she wrote :" It stinks because while going through puberty you get hungry and thirsty all the time . And it sucks. I don't know how it feels to feel hungry and thirsty." I like how she is honest with everything and says stuff like i don't know how it feels. Another thing that i liked about melody's blog is that she makes her writing fun , like for the poems she would struture it in a unique way to make her poem look more interesting for other readers to read.

#2- Serina

                  I though that serina's blog was very colorful , which i think is very intresting . She uses color not just to make her blog very pretty but she use it to make powerful or meaningful words stand out by coloring thing with another color or making them capital letters to make those words stand out . Like for the " I have a dream poem" she capitalizes : FREE AT LAST! , THANK GOD ALMIGHTY and WE ARE FREE AT LAST. which i think is very correct because that's the main message that Mr luther King wants everyone to know that we all want to be free. In her blog for poems i could tell  that she uses lots of repetition in the poem Why , which i think is very unique. She uses the word why so  that much that it makes you think why?. And she uses many question marks with the why like she is asking someone.

#3- Nurshat
                      I like how nurshat's blog is very detailed and i could tell that she worked very hard on every blog post she made , because all of them are very long. She even includes a note saying that everyone's blog is very unique and interesting in their own ways which i though was very nice and in her writing about other people's blog i could tell she really pay attention to the writer's writng because she wrote: all of his writng is full of passion, ideas and has a very clear focus . And in her writng she also uses really advanced vocabulary like the word seizure , dominant. I also noticed that her blog posts uses very meaningful and amazing words to describe another person's blog, like she uses deep and dark,  enthralling visual picture. But i really like how Nurshat takes alot of time to make her blog very good.