Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reading Response To Independent Reading Book- edited

The book i'm reading is called " This Is ME From Now On", the author of this book is Barbara Dee. This book interests me because this book on friendship and mainly how to deal with it. Every one has friends and sometimes will have times when they will have fights or diagree on something.
The main character in this book is named Evie. She has two best friends Nisha and Lily , and they been very good friends from third grade. They always share secrets and crushes, but when a new girl moves into the neighborhood things between them are differnt. They began spliting into groups of two, when it was suppose to be a group of three best friends.
At first glance of the new girl ;Evie, Nisha and lily all thought she was a werid girl because of the way she dressed. They all disliked her. On the first day of school the history teacher assigns a huge research project for the class. The maximum amount of people in a gruop is two . This question really stuned the three friends. They couldn't decide who would work with who , because there would be one working alone. The finally decision didn't include Evie , so the only choice she had to make was if she wanted to work with the new girl that moved in .Her name is Francesca Of course she wanted to work with her.
The relationship with Francesca didn't work out with Evie in the beginning . But since it been weeks since Nisha and Lily had hanged out with Evie , Evie feels very lonely and starts to get a closer relationship with Francesca . When Evie wants to share something she dosent go to Nisha or Lily because thye are too busy working on the project. Evie and Francessa didnt have a primary source yet and it was stating to worry Evie. Francesca make Evie very uncomforable , Evie doesnt know what to beleive and what to believe.
Francesca decides to invite Evie to her aunt far away to play for a few days while they work on the project. They began sharing secrets and also have their own secrets from Nisha and Lily. I think Evie , Nisha and lily are growing more and more farther apart.
In school when they finally have the time to see each other Evie and Nisha got into a fight. Lily is on Nisha's side. Nisha found out that Evie have secrets that she wouldnt tell her . So now they are in a fight. Evie minds dosnt know what to do .
Friendship is about trust , after building that trust between Evie and Francessa they also became good friends. Francessa doesnt want to see her friend Evie hurt so she tells Evie to make up with her friends before the problem becomes bigger and they will never be able to forgive each other. After listening to her friend's advice Evie takes the chance. Even though it was hard to think of what to say to them they were united. But the problem was will Nisha and Lily accept Francesca into their group. Well i guess they will until they havr trust in each other and i hope it won't take long .