Monday, October 25, 2010

Final Appreciation for stuart little!

                    I think the most intersting books, are books that teaches you a lesson. Some of my childhood books that i think have a good example of that, is Stuart little and Charlotte's Web. Both of these books are published by the same author. And also after a few years they made a action movie of these books. The feeling of when i was little ,was " wow i can get to see them moving".
                    When i was younger i never realized that almost every book have a lesson or theme they want the reader to know. But as im older now , and i re-read my childhood books i can actually have deeper thoughts of the book im reading and how the author describes it using words.
                     One childhood book i really want to focus on is Stuart little because i like how the author makes him unique.  He was the second son from the Little's family , and he looked very much like a mouse. he had a mouse like tail , a mouse like nose and a mouse like whiskers. And the most impressing of all is that he is only 2inches high!
                     I think the author makes him how he is because the author wants us to teach us something . Stuart is also a very brave and smart mouse. Even though he has many problems like getting to the sink and turning on the water to brush his teeth , he dosent make it get into his way. He likes to help his family when they need him. It's like "what can a little mouse like him do?".
                      The author makes positive things out of negative things . Like for example begin small is bad , but then since you are so small you can go to places where big people can't go because they are too big to fit through. so i think that is kind of amazing.
                     I appreciate the hard work that the author goes through , because i know that publishing a book takes many years and hard work to make a perfect book.The author has to change or make things so that it relates to a topic or theme he is focusing on. For stuart i think it is that begin small should'nt affect what you want to do as long as you really want to do it.
                     In conclusion even though Stuart little was a pretty good book , i just hoped that the ending would be better.