Monday, October 18, 2010

Draft 1 -

    I think the most intersting and memorable book in my childhood are the books that teaches an lesson. The books i've read are similar to each other and they are also made by the same author, which are Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. Surely a few years after the books are published they make a movie out of it , which is awesome i can get to see my favorite characters move, and also with color. i also think it's cool because no everybook or it;s movie is the same ,there are parts where they are different.
     I liked Stuart little because it's weirdness, like how are you suppose to have a mouse-like kid in a human family , which is very weird. But i like Stuart because of his braveness and his smart brain. Because just because you are very small dosen't mean you can't do anything , if you have a brain you can do anything you if you try, because that's what the brain is for no matter how big or small your brain is.
      Some favorite parts where i think stuart is very brave is, when at night  he is worried about his friend the new bird name "margalo". He is scared the cat snowbell will do something to harm his new friend. And it really happens, when snowbell was about to spring at it stuart came to the recuse. Even though mouse are scared of cats because mouse are small and cats are big , but that dosen't affect what stuart thinks he just want to save his friend.
      Even though begin small most people don't like , i like how the author brings some positive things about begin small, like if you are small like stuart you can go under the drain which is pretty cool, where if you are big for the rest of your life you can never go down there , because you can't just grow small. i appreciate how the author brings positive things out of bad things, becuase then it makes the reader think "hmm... maybe begin so small is'nt that bad".
       It's like the same for the book Charlotte's web, and charlotte is also small because she is a spider  . Just like in stuart little he is also small because he is a mouse like human that is 2inches tall. i think the main theme in both of these book is that small doesn't effect the way you think etc.. and friendship is also very important.
         i appreciate how the author uses similar theme and convert them into two differnt books with very different characters.
       I think people who have read these books before should read them again because as a childhood rereading book because you will discover new things.