Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Questions on "Stuart Little"

On the last page on the book i had so many questions to ask the author because he didn't tell us what happened to stuart, he just wrote "But the sky was bright, and he somewhat felt he was headed in the right direction." After i read that sentence i was like that's it?? i wanted to know so much more!
        Some questions i had were "i wonder if stuart's family is worried about him"because after stuart left home to find Margalo the author never wrote about his how is family instead he just focused on stuart . Like in the begining of the book he of the book he writes  about Stuart's family alot but then out of nowhere,we don't know about them anymore towards the end of the book.
        Another question was that is Stuart going to find Magalo for the rest of his life? i had that question stuck in my mind because all the author gave us was that Stuart somewhat felt he was in was going in the right direction. I didn't think that was very helpful to my question.
          Another question kind of relating to the first question is that will he ever go back to New York City to visit his family ever again or will he continue to travel north to find his friend? , and what happens if he never finds Margalo and what's going to happen to him when he runs out of supplies and money ?
          Even though i know that the Author is putting us at the egde of our seat i would still like to know what actually happend to Stuart or else i will keep thinking that this book is incomplete.
     Stuart could at least write a letter saying that he is doing fine ,so that his family doesn't have to worry alot .