Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming of Age Writing:

14. What are some questions and concerns you have about growing up and adulthood ?

* A concern i have about growing up is that , my mom told me that when i am 18 years old i have to move out and work to take care of myself. And it is one of my concerns because i am scared of begin alone.

*Another concern i have about growing up is on cooking food for myself. As of right now i only know how to boil water , cook eggs and noddles. I don't want to just eat those everyday when i grow up so , i want to learn how to cook more delilious food for myself . It's too bad my parents are always too busy with their work to teach me. So that is a concern i have about my health when i am grwoing up.

* A question i have to go with my first concern is that , Is working very tiring? From my point of view i think working is easy (kind of ... i think) but my parents are always saying it is very tiring.

* Question: What type of reponsiblites do i have when i am grwoing up? Will it be something hard , and i can't handle it?

* Question: why do alot of adults want to be kids again ?

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