Friday, May 20, 2011

Coming of Age Writing:

Commands that my parents have for me , that i agree or disagree:

-everyday when my mom comes home from work , and i didn't finish cleaning up the house or the dishes she would get mad. *Disagree, I don't want to do the chores because i have my own things to do like my homework or read my books. i think it is REALLY unfair becuae my brother that is one year younger than my has NEVER touch the dishes before. He is mostly the person that makes the house very dorty and i have to clean after him.

-When i ask my parents too many questions are when i have too many comments to make they tell me get out if here(room). *Disagree, What if i had something important to discuss with them about, they shouldn't ignore me like that . Makes me feel unwanted.

-My parents yell at me when i yell at my other little brother that is like 8 years old . * Disagree , they shouldn't yell at me , they should yell at him. I only yell at my little brother because of the stupid things he do and troubles he causes me . Not fair.

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