Thursday, May 26, 2011

What are the main similarities and differences between childhood and adulthood?


1. I'm still me , the girl that likes to play
2. I still like to eat candy and ice-cream
3. My parents from before are the same as now
4. I still get ok grades in school, never gotten a perfect report before or now
5. Sometimes i can get really lazy
6. Gets mad easily
7. love to listen to calm chinese songs , i hate songs with too much sounds(drums)
8. Have a best friend
9. Still fight with my brother
10. Late for school sometimes , i always have to be .
11. Likes math as a ubject


1. i'm taller than before
2. Knows how to wash dishes very good
3. Knows how to clean the house (hard work)
4. I write neater
5. Worry too much about little thingys
6. I'm more mature
7. Don't get into trouble in school, before i use to talk too much and get detention :(
8. Read manga and watch anime
9. Don't watch cartoons anymore , Barely but maybe 1 out of 10 adult movies i watch
10. I know how to use a laptop
11. Read bigger and harder books, Bye bye picture books with color and easy words.

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