Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Final reading response :

To kill A Mochingbird is a coming of age book.It shows how Scout's point if view from her childhood age to her adulthood age changes. Throughtout the book Scout faces many troubles and facts that she doesn't understand. That shows a big gap in her learning progress.Scout changes from a innocent five year old child to a near grown-up that learns the truth.

In the beginning if the book Scout is very attached to Jem, where ever Jem goes Scout would follow him. Scout even defended Jem when he got hurt.It was that night when they followed their dad ,to see what was going on. While Atticus was talking with the men,Scout ran up to join them.Then one of the men grabs Jem, and scout kicks him. Scout's solution to everything is fighting . She even beats up Dill her childhood friend when she thinks that he isn't giving her enough attention.

Tom, a negro that was acused of raping a white gril on a case. Atticus, Scout's father is Tom's lawyer. Atticus is trying his best in bringing out the truth , and that Tom is innocent.Everyone in their hearts know that Tom is a nice black guy . But they didn't win the because Tom was black. He still have more chances to redo the case though.Scout and Jem her brother thinks that it is unfair. Tom didn't do anything wrong , why couldn't they just let him win?
"Because of an assumption- the evil assumption-that all negroes lie,that all negroes are basically immoral begins, that all negroes are not to be trusted around our women, an assumption one associates with minds of their caliber." This is what Atticus to them after the case.

Scout sees many things happening in Maycomb Country and she dosen't understand why it is happening.I think that the language in this book also relates to how Scout is growing. As i read the beginning of the book it is really complicated and hard to understand what is going on in the text . As i read on ,the book gets more understandable and i kind of get an idea of what is happening. Just like scout, when she was around the age 9 she didn't understand anything that was happening in Maycomb or why her father was defending a negro ,and it was very complicated for her to understand the situtaion because she hasn't grown yet. But as she gets older she understands what is happening and is more mature .So the language of the book becomes more easier to understand for me as i read.

Scout changes becase of the environment she lives in . Her Aunt is now living in her house to teach Scout how to become a lady since her mother died when she was only two years old. As she gets older Scout recalls memories from when she was young.And she beings to realize many observations .And every lesson Atticus had teached her she has remember it by heart, because of those lessons it also made her mature.And she saids"You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them". That was also one of the words that Atticus said to her.

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